Understanding magnetism and the physics behind it

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History of physics

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How Magnetic Resonance Imaging works explained simply.

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Magnetism. As it turns out, moving charges exert other forces other than the simple Coloumb (electrostatic) force. The force on one moving charge resulting from another moving charge is called the magnetic force.

A full understanding of magnetism requires calculus, so we will limit the breadth of our discussion of the subject somewhat. A long overdue update, this edition of Introduction to Magnetism and Magnetic Materials is a complete revision of its horse-training-videos.com it provides relatively minor updates to the first two sections, the third section contains vast updates to reflect the enormous progress made in applications in the past 15 years, particularly in magnetic recording.

History and Etymology for physics. Latin physica, plural, natural science, from Greek physika, from neuter plural of physikos of nature, from physis growth, nature, from phyein to bring forth — more at be.

Electricity and Magnetism Videos for AP Physics Help by Topic. These videos cover the Electricity and Magnetism Curriculum for AP Physics C which is calculus-based physics or introductory college physics.

Basics of Magnetism

On the first page of this site is the topic index for the videos. The double-slit experiment in quantum mechanics is an experiment that demonstrates the inseparability of the wave and particle natures of light and other quantum particles.

A coherent light source illuminates a thin plate with two parallel slits cut in it, and the light passing through the slits.

Understanding magnetism and the physics behind it
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