The plot and setting of the story of phillip pirrip in the nineteenth century

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Great Expectations1

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4 pages.

Great Expectations Term paper

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Great Expectations is a British film directed by David Lean, Plot. Orphan Phillip "Pip" Pirrip (Anthony Wager) The ship used in the film was called Empress, dating from the latter half of the nineteenth century and owned by Cosens & Co Ltd of Weymouth. Find thousands of free appearance vs reality in great expectations essays, term pap.

Great Expectations1 Great Expectations1 Chapters Plot and Setting- The plot starts out with a little boy name Phillip Pirrip. It is a first person narrative about a boy back in the nineteenth century. Plot and Setting- The plot starts out with a little boy name Phillip Pirrip.

It is a first person narrative about a boy back in the nineteenth century. The protagonist, Phillip Pirrip, is known as "Pip" for short. The novel is a detailed story of Pip's life and how he changes throughout the novel.

He begins the novel at age seven, although nice and morally correct, he is a very naive little child. Great Expectations - Literary Elements Plot Setting - Nineteenth-Century England: London - Pip describes the city as dirty and thinks his bungalow is grimy Kent - Pip's hometown, 20 miles from the ocean, very foggy Main Characters - Phillip Pirrip - Protagonist, narrator, orphan, raised by .

The plot and setting of the story of phillip pirrip in the nineteenth century
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