The objectives and impact of the 1787 passing of the northwest ordinance

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Congress enacts the Northwest Ordinance

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Northwest Ordinance

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Lesson Objectives: When you complete Lesson 19, you will be able to: Congress from taxing exports, outlawing or taxing the slave trade, and passing navi- Constitution of does not use. Northwest Ordinances, also called Ordinances of, andseveral ordinances enacted by the U.S.

Congress for the purpose of establishing orderly and equitable procedures for the settlement and political incorporation of the Northwest Territory—i.e., that part of the American frontier lying west of Pennsylvania, north of the Ohio. The Second Continental Congress convened on May 10,at Philadelphia's State House, passing the resolution for independence the following year on July 2,and publicly asserting the decision two days later with the Declaration of Independence.

The land allocated in the Northwest Ordinance of was the first official territory of the United States. Guidelines were set up for creating states out of the territory, including how aspiring states could claim/divide up the land and how governments were to be formed.

Init passed the Northwest Ordinance to establish a process for admitting territories to the Union as states. Each territory was to be governed by Congress until it had 5, free, white males.

The objectives and impact of the 1787 passing of the northwest ordinance
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Congress enacts the Northwest Ordinance - HISTORY