The causes and history of the crusades

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World War I

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Jerusalem captured in First Crusade

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Medieval History! Get Medieval facts, information and history about Medieval History. Fast and accurate facts about Medieval History. “The Crusades were defensive all the way.” As a history nerd and wannabe amateur medievalist who has been roasting Millhouse’s attempts to portray every Crusader as a Nazi (literally), I have to be the first to stand up and disagree.

It's little wonder that the Crusades are so often cited as a reason to regard religion as a cause of violence in human history. The most immediate cause for the Crusades is also the most obvious: Muslim incursions into previously Christian lands. The crusades took on the label of opening the holy land to pilgrimage, yet the expansion and threat of Islam taking Europe was the true CAUSE for the crusades.

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The causes and history of the crusades
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